GD 406

This course is an experiment I developed for my graphic design thesis at MICA. In this course, I am the professor developing and assigning projects, I am the student completing the projects, and I am both while reflecting on the experience.




Make a website for this course and update the site in the following ways:

  1. Every time you assign a new project, document the project syllabus.
  2. Every time you get assigned a project, complete the work and document the final outcomes.
  3. Every time a project is completed, reflect on the process. What was it like developing the assignment? What was it like completing the assignment?
  4. As you learn more about web development update the course website, document its evolution, and reflect on the process.


I only know very basic HTML syntax right now, so the course website is only a simple HTML document. I will start watching tutorials as soon as possible and use what I learn to update the site and experiment with writing code and designing for the web.


Why a website?

I like the idea of using a website for the course because all of my work will be available for anyone to see. I think this will make it much easier to get feedback from my peers and faculty and I hope it will also make it easier to get other people involved in the process. Part of what I want to explore through this course is seeing how my approach to course development, and teaching in general, will evolve when I start collaborating with other students and faculty on experimental projects.

What do you hope to get out of this course?

I want to better understand my own approach toward making, learning, and teaching and take what I learn from the course and apply it to the classes I teach in the future.

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